What does a committee do?

Posted By on March 18, 2021

Generally, a committee will assist the board by researching and communicating/reporting their findings, for various matters or special projects that may arise from time to time.

As a rule of thumb, committees can advise and assist the board, but they cannot make decisions for the community. So, while a committee can help create a proposed rule, budget, etc., the board has to formally approve such decisions. A notable exception to this rule is the architectural committee, which is usually granted special authority by the HOA’s governing documents to approve or deny improvement requests from homeowners, independent of the Board.

Committees can also either be permanent (called “standing committees”) or temporary (called “ad hoc committees”), depending on the job that needs to be done. Researching the guidelines to implement emergency rules required by a pandemic would be a one-time job for an ad hoc committee, while planning and hosting all community social events would be an ongoing job for a standing committee.

The Board is seeking volunteers to establish committees to assist with the Rooftop/Common Area Amenities, Social Events, Security, Landscape and other committees that may be necessary.

This is a great way to meet some pretty incredible residents at Barker Block and help keep the community spirit and standards kept high! Download the application below and submit it to your on-site management team at NGonzalez@ActionLife.com or NTaylor@ActionLife.com

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