Who needs to sign one? Each person living in your unit must sign a waiver. Be sure to bring a waiver for each person in your unit who will use the roof when you pick up your fob. This includes all renters too.


Do we need separate FOBs for building access a nd the roof? Yes, you’ll need a separate fob to access the rooftop amenities. One fob grants you building access and a separate, blue amenity fob grants you rooftop access. Each unit gets one fob for rooftop amenity access. This is to ensure non-residents don’t use the rooftop without a resident accompanying them.


Why are guests not allowed? Guests are not allowed at any of the common areas at Barker Block during these times of COVID-19. This rule is part of the protocols developed by the LA County Department of Public Health to promote a healthy residential environment and ability to reduce possible infection.

My [partner/sister/son, etc.] lives with me, but is not registered in any official Barker Block system. Do I have to register them somewhere first before submitting t heir waiver and obtaining a reservation slot? That is correct! Please contact management and advise that you have someone living with you. Everyone living in your unit will be required to submit the waiver before making a reservation and accessing the rooftop. Please remember that only family members who live with you are able to access amenities—no guests, including family members who live in another household, are allowed at this time.

Are children allowed in the pool or spa? Are floaties for kids allowed in the pool? Children are allowed in the pool and spa. If they’re under 14 years of age, they must be accompanied by an adult. Please note that children wearing diapers are not allowed in the pool or spa. This is a “Forever Pool Rule”, and on page 9 of the residential handbook. Floaties for children are allowed as long as they’re being used for safety purposes.


How do I access the new reservation system? Management will email each resident information on how to log in to the reservation system, with a password unique to you before the rooftop reopens. Once received, reservations can be made up to two days in advance. The website is mobile friendly as well; there is no “app” to download. The reservation system will be live once the official reopen date is set. The reservation website is: http://barkerblock.getomnify.com

Do I need a reservation to access the rooftop? What about the pool and spa? Yes. All residents must make a reservation before going up to the roof. This is to ensure equitable access for all residents, enable contact tracing, and serve as a symptom check. Reservations can be made on the day of or up to two days before. Remember that if you’re experiencing any of the listed symptoms, you need to stay home. We hope you feel better, a nd see you back on the rooftop soon. You can use the pool and spa as long as you have a reservation for the roof deck. The only exception is during morning lap time, where the pool can be reserved for swimming laps.

While in the pool or spa, please follow the posted time and capacity limits (Pool = 5 people/3 households max, Spa = 1 household max). In general, be a good neighbor, and limit how long you use the pool and spa if others are waiting.

Does each person living in the unit get 7 reservations per week? Yep! Each resident is allowed 7 reservations max per week at this time. That could mean you use your 7 reservations all in one day (e.g., 1 BBQ reservation, 1 gym reservation, and 5 back t o b ack reservations for the roof deck)—or you spread them out over the course of the week (e.g., 3 gym reservations throughout the week and 4 roof deck reservations throughout the week). Each person that lives in the unit is allowed 7 reservation slots per week. They don’t have to visit the amenities at the same time as each other. This is another important reason why we need each resident to sign a waiver.

What counts as one reservation slot? Can people make back to back reservations in one day? Each amenity you book (e.g., BBQ, gym, roof deck) is equal to o ne reservation. F or example, if you want to use the gym every day of the week when it opens, you use u p y our 7 reservations for that week. Another example is if in one day you make back to back reservations for (1) 30 minutes morning lap time, (1) 1 hour at the gym (when it opens), (1) 1 hour at the BBQ, and 6 h ours (4 slots) of general rooftop, you have used up all your reservations in one day and for t he whole week.

When does my reservation count “reset”? Will time slots on the reservation system become available exactly 48 hours before or will ALL reservations for a given day be released at the same time? The reservations are based on a seven day period and don’t reset on a certain day o f the w eek. For example, if you book 1 reservation slot on Tuesday and book 6 m ore slots within 7 days, you can book more reservations starting the following Tuesday. Reservations open 48 hours before each time slot starts. In other words, new time slots become available throughout the day, rather than all at once for a single day.


What are the hours of the rooftop? The rooftop and all amenities are available to residents between the hours o f 8am – Midnight. These hours also apply to the gym (when it opens) and BBQ.

What is the maximum capacity on the rooftop? In order to meet 6’ social distancing rules, the maximum capacity for the rooftop is 60 people. Pool capacity is 5 people/3 households, and Spa capacity is 1 household.

The gym capacity is 2 people per the protocols provided by the LA County Department of Health and the size of our gym. (Please note that currently, no gyms are allowed to be open. This closure is due to City and County mandates. We are keeping up on the changing orders. Once this has changed, we will let everyone know.)

How will the mask policy be enforced at the pool? All residents are required to wear masks at all common areas. This includes while sitting on the chaise or cabana, while cooking at the BBQ, when you’re in the gym, when you’re walking to t he restroom…masks must be worn at all times when you are not actively eating, drinking, or swimming.

Do you have to wear masks while in the pool while standing up? Or in the spa? No, masks are required to be worn at all times, unless you are in the water, eating or drinking. Wearing masks reduces the spread of droplets and aerosols, the main transmission of COVID-19 viruses. However, please remove masks when you enter the water.

Are showers available at the rooftop? Yes, showers are available at the rooftop. All residents must rinse off in the shower prior t o entering the pool or spa. Please don’t take your sweat, lotions, bacteria and organic matter into the pool. Thank you!

Do you need your ID at the rooftop? Your ID is not specifically needed to access the rooftop.

Is there WiFi at the roof? Yes, same password as in all common areas. PASSWORD: bb510530


The Roof deck and temporary gym are closed for now until we receive updated information from LA County Health Dept)

What equipment is in the gym? It’s all new equipment! The equipment was selected per resident survey. You do not need to reserve specific equipment, but you are required to reserve time to use t he gym.

Can we roll out a yoga mat in the gym or roof to do yoga? You are able to bring your yoga mat to the gym, however, due to L A County Health Department requirements, the gym is currently closed. The outdoor gym balcony will be accessible when the gym is able to be reopened. Please note that the residential handbook on page 13 also states “due to the limited size of the fitness center, its use is to serve onsite Barker Block homeowners and tenants only.”

In the meantime, you can bring your mat to the roof-deck as long as you maintain social distancing and return furniture back into place, and wipe down with sanitizing wipes as necessary.

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